Course Price

Class only : $2250
Class + basic kits : $2450

When you’re looking for the best start to your career as a lash artist, you need the best lash extension courses

At Love Lash Studio, we’ve included everything you need to master the skills of applying lash extensions in a concise package

We offer lash extension courses for beginners and experienced beauty professionals to help you learn or improve on the skill of applying lash extensions the right way

We will share all our tips and tricks that we have learned over the course of many years of experience in the industry that has helped us thrive in the lash industry.

This training will take place over the course of 8 full days that are spread out over the duration of approximately 8 weeks

What's Included

  • Course includes a number of training sessions that are flexible and based on the lash trainee’s personal schedule
  • Private sessions feature extensive hands-on experience to help build your confidence through practice and repetition while questions are answered along the way
  • Upon course completion, you will have the skill to complete sets of eyelash extensions and refills, while learning valuable insider secrets that help you reach your goal of becoming a qualified eyelash technician
  • Homework will be assigned each week, which will further develop your skill and boost your confidence
  • Lastly, you will also learn essential marketing skills that teach the art of business and self-promotion that aid in lead generation for service bookings
  • This course is designed for the experienced lash technician, who has already mastered the Classic Lash extension skills 
  • Russian Volume Lash application is an excellent skill to add to an artist’s toolkit to offer their clients a premium option
  • This is a far softer and much kinder technique compared to Classic Lashes 
  • As part of this intensive course, you will learn how to apply multiple lashes to each natural lash hand making, 3D, 4D and up to 10D fans to be able to provide your clients with a really beautiful look, being as subtle or glamorous even dramatic if they wish
  • The Refresher Course is available upon request 
  • This is a customized course that will cater to your individual skill level and requirements that meets you where you are 
  • We will take the time to identify your concerns and needs while putting together a course that will give you the confidence to perform lash treatments with confidence
  • Love Lash Studio offers endless mentorship and lash guidance to all of our students 
  • Additionally, we offer our students the opportunity to come in and observe firsthand


Why Learn From Us

Best of the Best

highly skilled and experienced Professionals

Love Lash Studio is one of the finest lash training academies in California that was designed by the owner of a highly regarded lash studio in Orange County. 

Having performed thousands of lash extension treatments of all kinds, we are at the forefront of the latest in lash extension skills.

All our classes are small by design, which ensures each student gets 1×1 individualized instruction from one of our skilled trainers. 

Our techniques are precise and concise. 

Each student will complete the course feeling confident and prepared for a career as an eyelash artist.

What You Will Learn


    • Products and tools for volume lash extensions
    • Mapping and styling of the lashes
    • Choosing lashes of the right diameter ensure damage free applications
    • Correction techniques
    • Fanning distance and placement
    • Choosing the appropriate style for each client
    • Different volume techniques in various styles like 2D, 3D and 4D etc.
    • Pre-Made Fans
    • Hands on practice
    • Allergies and common mistakes that can irritate the client’s eyes
    • Learn practical skills with live models
    • Marketing

Training Inquiry

Please Contact us at : (213)-453-7587


Address: 2713 W Lincoln Ave, Anaheim, CA 92801